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We know what it’s like to love your pets like family.

Our Services

Initial Consultation – FREE!

Let us come sit with you and your pet to determine what services are needed. We thoroughly talk about your schedule and your pet’s needs and personality so a full background is part of our records.

Daily Dog Walks

"While you're at work, we'll come by for a mid-day visit (mid-day according to your schedule) and provide some exercise, playtime, food, water, and other pet care as needed. We won’t leave without providing fresh water, food or a treat, and a report card to let you know how much fun we had with your furry friend. Depending on your needs, we’ll also bring in the mail, water your plants, or adjust your home lighting for security reasons at no extra charge.

Pet Sitting Visits

Whether you're gone for a daytrip into DC or your 2-week dream vacation around the world, we will come by for one to three visits per day to provide some exercise, playtime, food, water, and other pet care as needed. We will also turn on/off lights in the house as needed, bring in mail, water plants, or other services for no extra charge.

Pet Taxi

Vet visits can be time consuming and often require you to use valuable vacation days from work or squeeze in visits on an already busy weekend. We’ll drop off and pickup your pet at your veterinarian’s office (10 mile radius from your home only) during the week so you don’t have to worry about it!

To further the convenience, we arrange weekly visits to a local pet food and supply store and will gladly pickup all your pet’s needs for you.

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