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Service Terms & Conditions, Copyright, and Privacy Policy

Service Terms & Conditions

Highlights of our terms&conditions (for petsitting, day visit, housesitting and add-on services) are provided on our services and rates pages. These terms&conditions highlights and other contents of this website are not intended to fully detail the agreement between Suburban Tails and a client. Complete terms&conditions are provided in written form as part of our petsitting agreement (paper form). No agreement exists between Suburban Tails and a client until the petsitting agreement has been completed, read and signed in person. Suburban Tails, LLC. accepts no liability for the content of this website, including errors, omissions and links to other websites.

  1. Suburban Tails, LLC and our employees agree to provide services stated in this contract in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services the client expressly waives any and all claims against us or employees, unless arising from negligence on the part of Suburban Tails, LLC.
  2. Suburban Tails, LLC or its employees shall not be held responsible for the loss, injury, death or actions of any pet that the client has let outside or has instructed the sitter to allow outside while the sitter is not there. This includes pets with "doggie doors" and outdoor pets.
  3. The client understands that all pets (where appropriate) must have a veterinarian and must have current rabies and other vaccinations.
  4. All pets with electronic fences must wear their collars with fresh batteries. We are not responsible for any animals that cross the perimeter.
  5. We do not diagnose, prognose, or make therapy decisions, nor offer veterinary services. Any veterinary/medical concerns will be referred to a veterinarian.
  6. Understandably, we will not sit for acutely ill animals or those with uncontrolled medical conditions. In those circumstances, we suggest the pet be boarded with a vet.
  7. We cannot accept aggressive animals.
  8. All pets must be walked on a leash, no exceptions.
  9. We will not be responsible for any keys, or any other means of entry, the client has asked to be mailed back to them.
  10. We will not accept time specific calls as we cannot guarantee specific times accurately. A three-hour window is what we are able to offer.
  11. Business and visiting hours fall between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. and services are usually completed during this time. However, there may times where we can provide services outside these hours on a case-by-case basis.
  12. We are not responsible for damage your pet may cause to your home before or after our visit (chewing, defecation, urination, general mischief) unless it is due to specific instructions being neglected by Suburban Tails, LLC.
  13. We reserve the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations. If this occurs, we will not allow your animals to be left without care.
  14. We reserve the right to take pet(s) to a vet. Client is responsible for all charges.
  15. Client is responsible for making arrangements for snow removal.
  16. Payment is expected after services are rendered. Payment is expected within 10 days of the receipt of invoice or a late charge of 10% of the total amount due will be applied. In the event of additional unforeseen visits or other costs (such as food, supplies, or vet fees) the costs and reasonable surcharges will apply. In the event of a returned check, a fee of $20 will be assessed, and the entire invoice must be paid within 3 days via cash or money order.
  17. Cancellation must be received 3 days prior to the scheduled service or a $10 cancellation fee will apply.
  18. Breaches of this contract can result to penalties being applied up to $100.
  19. This contract may be altered, changed, or amended without prior notification. If any changes occur, you will be presented with the revised contract prior to your next service for your approval and signature.
  20. Any client-specific changes, amendments, requests, or alterations appear as number twenty one and any subsequent numbers listed after the signature section. Once the client signs this contract they agree to any of the added sections which have been established by Suburban Tails, LLC and the client.

Suburban Tails, LLC can, and will only deal with, take directions, accept changes, and be responsible to the person(s) who have signed this contract, no exceptions.


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Suburban Tails, LLC. will never give/share your personal information (whether obtained through website forms, e-mail. or in person) to any other company. Also, we will never make unsolicited ("cold") phone calls.Suburban Tails may use your e-mail address or street address to send promotional mailings for our services only. To opt out of these mailings, send a request to